You know I'd offer to cook you dinner but you seem pretty miserable already. Kind of a step down from a from a golden palace for an Avenger highness and whatnot. I got it. There's another way. To retake the Tesseract and acquire new particles. We'll stroll down memory lane. Military installation, Garden State. World governments are in pieces. The parts that are still working are trying to take a census. And it looks like he did... he did exactly what he said he was gonna do. Thanos wiped out fifty percent, of all living creatures. I have no idea. We're talking about time travel here. Either it's all a joke, or none of it is. A dominion of death, at the very center of Celestial existence. It's where... Thanos murdered my sister. Alright, Heartbreaker. She's alone. This is our shot. [He turns back to where Thor was moments ago] Thor? Thor! Let me tell you. That kid's not even here yet, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. Good to meet you, Potts.


by Beans | 2022-07-30 | Agents of SHIELD

A man someone Nat owes a favor to needs help, which means Clint's also in

by Beans | 2022-07-30 | Captain America

Bucky is lost and assumed dead

by Beans | 2022-07-30 | Captain America

Red Skull opens a portal to another dimension (room for other Commando adventures)

by Beans | 2022-07-30 | Captain America

Steve goes behind enemy lines to rescue soldiers

by Beans | 2022-07-30 | Captain America

Steve Rogers is selected, he goes through basic training, he gets injected, Erskine is murdered, Steve fails to capture the Hydra agent

by Beans | 2022-07-30 | Marvel Comics Presents

U-Man is an Atlantean scientist that the Nazis captured and experimented on. He fights Namor.