What is this?

Marvel Saga is a Marvel fan fiction universe with a shared continuity.

What do you mean by "shared continuity"?

Marvel Saga should probably be thought of like a self-contained imprint of Marvel stories, think of Marvel Comics, the Marvel movies, Marvel 2099, MC2, the Fox X-Men movies, Ultimate Marvel, New Universe, etc. rather than a website that collects an assortment of fan fiction like AO3 or fanfiction.net. 

So what makes Marvel Saga different than those other things?

We're going to try to take the best of all possible worlds. Unlike Marvel movies, we don't have to wait years for a story to be written, filmed, and finished. We can put out our stories far more quickly (and we don't have to worry about our actors aging or retiring). But, unlike Marvel Comics, we're not looking to produce too much too quickly, like their huge monthly slate. We can tell the stories we want at the pace we want. 

How does it work?

Creators write for different titles, much like creative teams write for different comics at the real Marvel. So, Person A is writing Thor, Person B is writing Iron Man, and then Person C can write Avengers, which has both Iron Man and Thor in it. Or, Person A and B could both be writing Spider-Man stories. And, just like at the real Marvel, titles overlap to create a continuity. 

Continuity? So, is there a chronology for all these stories?


Do I have to read it all so I can understand what's happening? 

Nope. Just like the real Marvel Comics, read the titles and stories that you like and skip over those that you don't. Or read them all and get a complete view of the whole universe! 

What're the next steps?

  1. People will submit story proposals. 
  2. Proposals will be selected.
  3. The writers will find out what the other writers are doing.
  4. Writers will go off and write their stories on their own.
  5. Stories get published!

How do I join?

Great to hear you're excited! Submit your story proposal below! 

What if I only want to write one story? 

Don't feel like writing a series? We're also planning an anthology series, Marvel Saga Presents. 

These stories can be set anywhere and anywhen. Each story is a one-off that tells the types of stories you wouldn't get in the main series, like how did Tony and Rhodey become friends? How does Peter cram for an exam when the Rhino is loose? How did the Kingpin assert control over New York’s underworld? There could be an old Cap WWII story or a story from when Fury was just a SHIELD agent. Think of stories like Spider-Man's Tangled Web's "Severance Package", The Agents of SHIELD episode "4,722 Hours", the famous "Boy Who Loved Spider-Man" issue, or X-Factor #87 when Doc Samson interviewed the team.

So feel free to pitch a single story or a whole series below! 

FAQ 2.0

What's with the site?

I built the site out using fake content generated by the Avengers Endgame lorem ipsum generator so that I could give people an idea on how the site would function. Once, the site is ready to go live, I'll take down all this fake content and we'll start publishing real stories! 

OC Characters

We won't be doing original characters at this time. That very well might change. 

DC Characters

Here are at Marvel Saga we want to focus on Marvel characters but if you just happen to have some dynamite idea for a DC character, you can always try to find a good replacement fit from the Marvel library. There's tons of DC analogues to choose from, like Gladiator (Superman), the Squadron Supreme (Justice League), Green Lantern (Starbrand), even Lobo (Dirty Wolff) has one. 

“Adult” Material

Because of the server we’re currently used for hosting, we’re currently not able to accept sexually explicit material at this time. While there are no hard-and-fast rules at this point, I'd say don't aim higher than a PG-13 rating.