Fan Fiction

United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015)

by fallingvoices , by radialarch
20,605 words

The Associated Press @AP
Winter Soldier set to stand trial for Washington D.C. massacre and treason 

The New York Times @nytimes
Winter Soldier Trial Set for Early Next Week


Can’t Take The Fight Out Of The Man

by WordCollector
41,906 words

Bucky fights aliens, himself, and Steve, not necessarily in that order.

His nature has always been to protect people, help people, fight for people. They turned his own nature against him. He doesn’t trust himself, but this time it’s easier to see where he should stand.

Dead Man Running

by onethingconstant
43,656 words

A ghost stands in the Smithsonian, staring at his face behind glass. The sign says he's dead. The WORLD says he's dead. But as James Buchanan Barnes—Bucky, sometimes the Winter Soldier—pieces together his fragmented psyche, he begins to wonder. If he's not dead, what is he? A murderous ghost? A lost hero? A broken weapon? Something more—or something much less?

On the run from Hydra and haunted by his shattered memories, Bucky must choose between his will to survive and his love for a friend he can barely remember. And as he fights for his life against rogue terror cells, well-meaning superheroes, and his own programming, he must determine once and for all whether he can once again become what he most wants to be—


He tells his story in his own words.