I like the idea of using Jim Hammond as a lens to tell 1940s police stories. 


We're starting off our Reading Club with Ms. Marvel's first trade in honor of her finishing 

Next, week we'll do Thor: God of Thunder - God Butcher as a belated Thor: Love and Thunder match up.

Then, around August 17th, we'll do the Complete Collection of She-Hulk by Soule & Pulido to coincide with that Disney+ series being launched. After that? We'll see. 


I want to start up a regular Marvel book club, just to enjoy what's coming out of the House of Ideas. I don't know the pace that'll we move at (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly?) but I figured we'd start to do it and see what rhythm felt natural. 


I've got enough of the site built that I can start trying to recruit talent in earnest. 


In looking around for other fan fiction communities, I came across Marvel Omega and wanted to give them a tip of the cap. 


I've asked Reddit for help. I found it to be a good first step. Being able to talk to people, even really, briefly, meant that I got to hear their questions and refine my idea a little bit. 

I'm looking to start a fan fiction group based on Marvel Comics universe where all the stories would be set in a shared universe (like the original comics, the Ultimate line, the MCU, etc). In a perfect world, I'd love to put the call out and see if I can find a group of people who are interested, but I'm unsure of the best way to try and find potential collaborators.


I had an idea for a site. Let's see how it goes.