Marvel is looking to do something nice. I get it. But this is not how you do it.

Butters and Fazekas, who were the showrunners of ABC's Agent Carter TV show, will write Carol Danvers.

There's a cool fan-made Marvel themed Magic the Gathering set making its way around online.

Roy Thomas and Neal Adams disagree as to who contributed the most to the Kree / Skrull War

Spider-Man starts on ABC and runs until 1970. 

Fantastic Four also ran this time. 

Bullpen Bulletin's has its first Stan's Soapbox.

Martin Goodman makes a deal to produce an animated show based on Marvel Comics. The show would star Captain America, 

This is the first time Marvel heroes would appear on television.

Ditko left Marvel.

Lancer Books licensed four books from Marvel (FF, Spidey, Daredevil, Dr. Strange) and printed collections of them in black and white (and sideways - like newspaper comic strips). This is Marvel's first dipping its toe into moving comics into book stores. 

The Merry Marching Marvel Society

Martin Goodman published pulps. 

In 1936, he knocked off Tarzan with Ka-Zar.

In 1938, he launched Marvel Science Stories.

In 1939, Frank Torpey, the sales manager of Funnies, Inc. persuaded Goodman to publish comics. He started Timely Publications and in October 1939 launched Marvel Comics #1. 

Martin Goodman hires Joe Simon as Timely's Editor-in-Chief.