Terms and Slang


Absorbable Damage



Alpha Level

Beta Level

Flatscan - Normal human (derogatory).

Gamma Level -

Genejoke - an insult that implies that a mutant (or human) is ineffectual or pathetic to a humorous degree because of his or her genetic makeup.

Halfscan -  idiotic and/or low-powered mutant.

Legacy Virus - a deadly disease that was introduced to the twentieth century by Stryfe.  So far, it has proved to be lethal to mutants, and a normal human has caught it as well.  The victim loses control of his powers.  The Dark Beast has engineered an 'all-human' version of the virus.  Either Cable or Douglock is supposed to have the key to stopping it.

Mutate - 1) a mutant that has been altered by the Genengineer of Genosha. The subject usually loses his free will, but may have his Powers augmented. 2) a normal human or other creature that has been altered to resemble a mutant in powers and even physiology- for example, Vertigo of  the Marauders.

Mutie - Mutant (derogatory).

Omega Level

Spike - derogatory term for normal mutants by the Neo (q.v.)

Techno-Organic - descriptive of any sort of normally inorganic material that supports life through a combination of biology and technology.


Black Air - a nasty British black ops and counter-intel agency that vies with Department H for the title of "right evil bastards".  Pete Wisdom of Excalibur is a former member.

Clan Askani - a group of people in the future dedicated to the opposition of Apocalypse.  Led by Rachel Summers as the Mother Askani, it produced Stryfe (oops!) and aided Cable.

Department H - a rather nasty organization in the government of Canada that spawned the Weapon X program, Alpha Flight, and other such programs.  They are probably the most evil government department in the Marvel Universe.

SHIELD - Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate.  An international or body dedicated to fighting terrorism and fascism wherever it may dwell, currently headed by Nick Fury.