Quirks and Perks

(5 point Quirk)

Like normal humans, you may not absorb aggravated damage. This Quirk may not be purchased by a super with a Power (such as Invulnerability) that can automatically convert aggravated damage to a lesser type. If a super with this Quirk later purchases one of these Powers (or a stunt from a Power that has the same effect), he must 'buy back' the Quirk, paying an additional 5 Story Points for the Power or Stunt.

(7 point Perk)

Like Cable, you have had intensive training by the Askani sisterhood and extensive war experience. The sisterhood's far in the future, guys, so it's not the easiest thing to get. This merit allows the purchase of the Powers: Meditative Focus and Iron Will with Story Points. It also allows the purchase of the Askani Martial Art (the Martial Arts Skill) at half cost, the Theology Knowledge at half cost, and Willpower at half cost (this last for Experience purchase only).

(1-3 point Quirk)

Your body does not handle the use of one or more of your Powers very well, and this becomes evident whenever you use it. The form of the backlash that you suffer varies, but it's typically related to the Power. Use of Matter Body (Stone) might cause stiffness (increasing Dexterity difficulties by one). Use of Hyper-Speed might cause dizziness and disorientation (increasing difficulties for all mental actions, such as initiative, by one). Use of Energy Emission (Fire) might inflict burns on the hands, causing a Health Level of damage. The value of the Quirk depends on when the penalties accrue. For one point, the backlash occurs once you've stopped using the Power — at the end of combat, for example. For two points, the backlash occurs while you're using the Power, but the effects do not continue afterward. For three points, the backlash occurs while you're using the Power, and continue after you've stopped. One - or two - point backlash effects can last, at the most, for a scene. Three point backlash effects can last for as long as a day.

In the case of direct reduction effects (damage to Health or loss of Willpower), the effects last as long as they normally would — until the body heals, for example. A one-point backlash of this nature would assess one point of lost Willpower or Health at the end of the combat/scene, no matter how many times the Power was used. A two-point backlash would assess the point loss when the Power was first activated in the scene. A three-point backlash would assess a point loss both at the activation and at the end of the combat/scene.

(4 point Quirk)

Cyberdata (of the Top Cow universe) is fond of using cybernetic implants in a subject's brain to simulate memory implants. This functions in all respects as the flaw: Memory Implants (5 pts) save that it can be more easily nullified. On the upside, this Quirk allows the super to purchase the Power: Psychic Defense with Story Points.

(4 point Perk)

You regain Power Charge at a rate of one point per hour of total rest, in addition to the regular rate of one point per day. This is cumulative with Accelerated Recovery, if you have that Power.

(6 point Perk)

The Chaste are a group of reclusive martial artist monks headed by the mysterious spirit Stick. They have a small membership, but such better-known luminaries as Daredevil have received this training. There are a number of advantages to this.

First, the super may increase Brawl, Martial Arts, Meditation, Athletics, and Acrobatics above five points with Story Points or Freebie points. It also allows the super to purchase the Power: Iron Will with Story Points.

(1 or 2 point Quirk)

You don't regain Power Charge automatically. Instead (for one point) you must have fulfilled your Nature or Demeanor such that you would receive Willpower (regaining one point of Charge instead; it does not come immediately, but at the beginning of the following day). For two points, a specific condition (such as having perfect health, being drunk, having taken a Health Level of damage from fire, etc.) must be met before Power Charge can be regenerated. It returns in the same wise as for the one-point condition. The Mastermind may rule out conditions at her discretion. See also the Undercharged Quirk.