Optional Linguistics Rules

The linguistics knowledge offers working use of languages as follows:

Rank one: one extra language Rank two: one additional language Rank three: two additional languages Rank four: three additional languages Rank five: four additional languages

Thus, at Linguistics ●●●●, the super speaks and/or reads eight languages (her native tongue, plus seven from the ability).

Knowledge of a dead language will frequently decrease the difficulty to puzzle out the meaning of passages written or spoken in languages directly derived from it, usually by one.

The super may also make an Intelligence + Linguistics roll (difficulty 7) to puzzle out individual words in a language that he does not speak, so long as he does speak a closely related language (for example, the super speaks French. This allows him to scan other Romance languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Speaking Dutch would allow him to try to scan other Germanic Languages, such as German, English, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Speaking Ukrainian would allow attempts at scanning Slavic languages such as Russian, Polish, and Serbian). Each success suggests to the super the meaning of one word in any given sentence or phrase.