Energy List

There are several varieties of energy-affecting powers, and most of the variations apply to one specific form of energy. This is a list of types of energy that can be manipulated with all of these powers. The energies marked with an asterisk are double-cost powers and may not be allowed by the Mastermind. Ask first. Yes, I know that 'fire' isn't an energy. Shut up. Note that Sound, Vibration, and Explosive Force are treated separately.

Damage tests have been shown to be problematic. Try using a damage pool equal to the character's Rank + the number of successes on the Dexterity + Directed Blast roll, or (if you want energy to be even more devastating) the number of successes on a Dex + Directed Blast TIMES the character's Rank.

  • Balefire*
  • Cold
  • Darkforce
  • Electricity
  • Energy Force
  • Fire
  • Gamma Radiation
  • Gravitic
  • Hard Radiation*
  • Heat (Microwaves)
  • Hellfire*
  • Kinetic Force
  • Light
  • Magnetic Force*
  • Nether
  • Nexus Force*
  • Nullfire*
  • Plasma
  • Positrons
  • Purifying Light
  • Radio Waves
  • X-Rays

Balefire - This is a chaotic, corrupting green flame that has nasty effects on its targets. You'd have to be evil to want this one. It has the consistency of wispy wax, like thick plasma. It takes twice as long to heal than normal and may have unpredictable effects on your mental and physical health. Difficulty 9 to absorb. Aggravated damage.

Cold - Not ice, though it can result from the use of this power; this is the raw frigid temperature that kills you in the Arctic. If your character reaches Rank 7 in this power, he will be able to stop all molecular motion in most targets. Iceman has it. Lethal damage.

Darkforce - OK, this is one that you don't bring home to mother. It draws on nethermantic darkness to freeze, blind, and drain you. In order to resist this one, you'd need invulnerability or some sort of light control. Basically, it is the 'negative' version of plasma. Can develop Darksight as a power stunt. Drains a point of Willpower when you roll at least one '10'. Lethal damage.

Electricity - A good wall-socket style zap of raw voltage. Think of dear old Electro. Plays havoc with the nervous systems of most beings. Get damage bonuses if you attack them through the metal they are carrying. Aggravated damage.

Energy force - a combination of energy and force attacks, this one is hard to stand up against. It does not have the collateral effects that the other powers do, but still damages people who just have Energy Resistance. Havok and Cyclops each have a variant. Lethal damage.

Fire - Heat plus light. You can light stuff on fire so that your targets continue to take damage after you've stopped attacking them. Not nice at all. The Human Torch can do this. Lights stuff up whenever you roll a '10' unless you roll a corresponding '1'. Aggravated damage.

Gamma Radiation - Depending on whom you speak to, gamma either destroys flesh and creates cancer, or turns you into the Hulk. Either way, the damage to flesh can be considerable. It is diff 8 to absorb. Aggravated damage.

Gravitic - a distortion in space/time that behaves as though it has mass. It doesn't strike with a palpable force so much as add too much "virtual mass" to objects it comes into contact with, distorting their shapes and causing softer or more fragile things to collapse upon themselves. On every '10' rolled for damage, it temporarily impairs a living creature's Dexterity, draining it by one point (this is recovered at the end of the scene). Lethal damage.

Hard Radiation - This is the stuff that comes out of the atomic bomb. You don't want to play with it. Anyone exposed to it, unless they have some sort of protection, will shortly be getting radiation sickness (which often kills) and may mutate further. It is difficulty 9 to absorb. Aggravated damage.

Heat - Raw microwaves. Heat is everywhere, and thus so easy to manipulate. It is also invisible, and thus it can be hard to track the source of a heat blast. Can start flammable objects on fire. Lights stuff up when you get 2 '10's for damage. Lethal damage.

Hellfire - Spirit-tainted flames. Only half of the damage is considered energy (the rest is spiritual in nature). Drains a point of Willpower as a secondary effect. Aggravated damage.

Kinetic force - Energy Resistance isn't going to help you against this one. It's like a good old-fashioned punch in the head. You can grossly manipulate objects with it as well as attack people. Gambit channels kinetic force. Lethal or bashing damage.

Light - All manner of variations, including the highly damaging laser. You can light up a room, create illusions (if you have light control) blind people, become invisible (light control) or any number of other things. Lethal damge.

Magnetic force - Not for nothing is Magneto the most feared super on the planet. You can affect ferrous metals (including nickel and cobalt) at low levels, but later all sorts of metals. At very high levels, start buying the ability to play with any other E-M energy, gravity, electricity, etc. Lethal damage.

Nether - aiyeeyah. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Otherwise known as Entropy, a Nether blast directly saps energy. Cosmetically, things struck by Entropy seem to age a little bit — this doesn't happen in fact. Black and green 'unlight'. It directly disrupts any energy it comes into contact with, except magical energy (i.e., a Rank three blast of Nether will cancel a Rank two blast of Fire, and still have one Rank of juice left). Lethal damage.

Nexus force - A chaotic and unpredictable jumbling of the way space and time relate to each other. The raw stuff of the dimensional barrier. Your targets can be teleported, scrambled, aged, cut in half, etc. (depending on your power level). You cannot control the effect that nexus will take, but it's usually pretty darned nasty. Aggravated damage.

Nullfire - a white-hot band of flame that annihilates living matter when it strikes it (no effect on nonliving matter) to such an extent that any living being who is killed by it ceases to exist- retroactively. Aggravated damage.

Plasma - Superheated gas, thick and wispy. Plasma can start fires and it sometimes sticks to targets for more damage. Causes the same sort of nastiness as fire. Lights stuff up on a '10'. Aggravated damage.

Positrons - a stream of positively charged particles, capable of neutralizing electrons. Positron streams can disrupt electricity and inflict damage on a target by pulling electrons away from a person's body. Lethal damage, except to beings that are composed of electricity (then it's aggravated).

Purifying light - a curious energy, in many ways the antithesis of balefire. Dagger can fire knives made of this energy. It removes chemical impurities and, at high levels, even insanity, diseases, etc. Lethal damage, but if the opponent has any taint, the light inflicts additional aggravated damage equal to the target's permanent taint score, and all temporary taint is removed.

Radio Waves - OK, so maybe this one is a little weird to take as your power since it would be hard to imagine radio waves hurting anybody. Still, you've got the option, folks. Mess up your enemy communications, send false messages, make your own TV broadcasts, etc. Lethal damage.

X-Rays - If you can also see them, X-Ray Emission makes for a great detective power. At high levels, (including Rank ● - hey, it's more concentrated than your dentist's machine) it can damage your opponents. Lethal damage.