The Effects of Damage

Supers do not, of themselves, have a substance that is their weakness. Some individuals may, through flaws, have this problem. Moreover, unlike mages, they are capable of absorbing aggravated damage. However, supers, like mages and other humans, may also be killed by lethal, or 'normal' damage. Bashing damage is not lethal, and it takes a lot of it for a super to die from it. When a super is reduced to incapacitated by bashing damage, any further bashing damage suffered "overwrites" it and is treated as lethal damage.

"Pushing The Envelope"

In times of utter desperation, a super can attempt to push the envelope and force out more power than her body can comfortably channel. Basically, the super must spend Health Levels to temporarily increase the Rank of one of her Powers to her Power Potential. This is related to the common Stunt Kamikaze Burst (which is an energy Stunt, usually), but can also be used with physical Powers, etc. This increase typically lasts one round, but may continue until the action that the super is trying to perform is finished. If the action takes more than one round, it costs a Health Level per round in addition to the original cost. The super will be incapacitated for some time afterwards - see the table below.

It is safer to push the envelope within the confines of the super’s Actual Power Level. If the super pushes beyond the Actual Power Level, he will suffer an additional Health level of damage. All damage suffered in this way is considered bashing damage, and is unabsorbable (even if the super is otherwise immune to bashing damage). It will not be healed by any Power or ability, unless that Power is strong enough to heal Attribute damage. The self-inflicted strain will heal in its own time.

The price may be nothing or it may be nasty; it all depends on the Mastermind's discretion and the circumstances. In any case, the super will be incapacitated for some time after using this ability:

Health Levels Spent Helpless for...
One Health Level Two rounds
Two Health Levels Four rounds
Three Health Levels One scene & roll for Corruption
Four Health Levels One hour & roll for Corruption
Five Health Levels Four hours & roll for Corruption
Six Health Levels One day & roll for Corruption
Seven Health Levels One day and one permanent Corruption
Eight Health Levels One day and two permanent Corruption
Nine Health Levels One week and loss of Power