Frequently, the Poet had some input into the Powers and mechanics below, but the initial concept, at the very least, was that of the people listed below. Without their creativity, these facets of the game would not exist.

Mastermind System, all Backgrounds except Adamantium, Home Turf, Training Facilities, and Vibranium; Silence Perk, Power Traces Quirk, Hedge Magic Power, Rage, Ka, Past Lives Power - White Wolf Publishing

Riskbreaking - Squaresoft

Concept, Fiction, Local game mechanics - The Poet


Anonymous - Geomancy

Josh Benton - Chaos Field, Dream Manipulation, Object Incarnation, Psionic Vibration, Tap the Expanse

Derek Burgess - Altered Perceptions (Material Sense), Free Action, Rigging

Darque Phoenyx - Telesthesia

Tomas Eriksson - Altered Perceptions (Osmosis), Audiokinesis, Aura of Decay, Energy Boosting Field, Energy Transformation, Imp Creation, Information Manipulation, Matter Body Parts, Object Disintegration, Well of Knowledge

Elizabeth Gil - Technological Vampirism

Shayne Karlash - Reflected Existence, Retributive Strike

Keith Kollee - Psychic Backlash, Pyrokinesis, Vision of Decay 

Magnus Korberg - Spirit Armor, Tactical Supremacy

Kurtis Markuson - Magic Absorption/Conversion

MysteryCPU - Altered Perceptions (Synesthesia)

David Okum - Glamour, Tunneling

Jason Paris - Replication, Weight-Shifting

Robert Paul - Charge Building, Cryokinesis, Horror Factor, Tactile Telekinesis

Sean Taverner - Quirkless, Machine Possession, Power Puppetry, Serial Resurrection, Singularity, X-Factoring, Zenjoriki, Zenotic Space

Vision - Energy Body Parts


Josh Benton - Beam (Energy Emission) - The Quick and the Dead (Enhanced Accuracy/Heightened Reflexes Stunt), Saint of Killers (Enhanced Accuracy Stunt), Healing Proxy (Health Proxy/Healing Factor Stunt), Takedown (Martial Arts Supremacy Stunt)

Tomas Eriksson - Altered Perceptions: Filtering Vision (Heavy Filters), Biological Vampirism (Wendigo), Diabolic Aura (Confusion), Duplication (Illusory Duplication), Entrapment (External Source), Extra Body Parts (Fingers, Prehensile Hair), Health Proxy (Dorian Grey), Karma Channeling (Oath Bonding), Matter Absorption/Converstion (Reshape), Matter Body (Acid, Gas, Magma, Sand, Tar), Orchard (Power Charge), Physical Imitation (Animal Mimicry, Item Imitation), Physical Law Control (Micro-Environment), Quintessence Vampirism (Replication), Psychic Vampirism (Empathic Vampirism), Secretions (Bioluminescence, Electricity, Freezing Gel, Hypnotic, Liquid Skin, Power Damp, Expanded Power Detection, Slime), Serial Immortality (Alter Ego, Reanimation, Spontaneous Creation), Shadow Fighting (Tools, Transport), Sizeshifting (Object Shifting), Sympathetic Travel (Digital, Doorway, Mirrors, Psychic Channel, Shadows), Zenotic Space (Mental Space)  - Extra-Sticky, Repulsion (Adhesion Stunts), Osmosis Sight (AP: Osmosis  Stunt), Remote Control (Anatomical Separation Stunt), Nether (Aura of  Decay Stunt), Mood Swing (Biomanipulation Stunt), Object Colocation  (Colocation Stunt), Reversion, Repair (Cybermimicry Stunts), Healing  (Cybermimicry/TO Body Parts Stunt), New Language (Cyphering Stunt),  Remove Addiction (Dependency Inducement Stunt), Body Marks, Self  Cancelation (Duplication Stunts), Attract (Energy A/C and Energy  Vampirism Stunt), Partial Shift (Energy Body and Matter Body Stunt),  Consumption, Strengthening (Energy Channeling Stunts), Carrier Wave  (Energy Control Stunt), Filter Out, Shape Field (Energy Dampening Field  Stunts), Multitargeting, Chain Bolt, Homing Missile (Energy  Emission/Control Combination Stunts), Knockback (Energy Emission  [Kinetic] Stunt), Explosive Sheath, Flash-Bang (Explosive Force  Generation Stunt), Gravitic Pull, One or Two Way (Gateway Stunts), Thin  Layers (Gravity Manipulation Stunt), Layers (Information Manipulation  Stunt), Power (Life Force A/C Stunt), CSP (Machine Possession Stunt),  Scatter (Matter Body Stunt), Weapon Forging (Matter Control Stunt),  Modification, Transfer Other (Matter Transference / Reconstruction  Stunts), Chromosome Shift (Physical Adaption Stunt), Quirkless (Physical  Imitation Stunt), Blend Over (Physical Possession Stunt), Infest,  Sprout (Plant Control Stunts), Disassemble, Mental Template,  Modification, Specified Source (Replication Stunts), Just a Flesh Wound  (Shapeshifting Stunt), Elongation, Lapse, Permanence (Sizeshifting  Stunts), Object Anchoring (Space Anchor Stunt), Apportation  (Sympathetic Travel Stunt), Straight Road (Tap the Expanse Stunt),  Object Disintegration (Telekinesis Stunt), Smoothporting (Teleportation  Stunt), Relocation (Word of Recall Stunt), Dump, Space Trap, Store,  Realize (Zenotic Space Stunts), Temperature Control (Zoophysiology  Stunt), Conference (Zenotic Space/Psionic Collective Stunt), Extend  Range (Duplication/Teleportation Combination Stunt), Remote Activation,  Substitution (Word of Recall/Duplication Combination Stunts)

Keith Kollee - Javelin (Mega-Strength Power Stunt)

Magnus Korberg - Flight (Matter Repulsion Stunt), Wind Shield (Weather Control Stunt)  Kurt Markuson - Size Up (Martial Arts Supremacy Stunt)

Jason Paris - various Shadow Fighting Power Stunts

Kevin Robertson - Concentrated Peace (Iron Will Stunt)

Vision - Partial Shift (Energy Body Stunt)


Tomas Eriksson - Body (Special Background for Nexus Body)

Robert Paul - Training Facilities


Josh Benton - Secondary Switch, Some Days the Bear Gets You (Luck/ Probability Manipulation Quirk)

Tomas Eriksson - Power Active, Power Focus, Narrow Array, Restricted Station, No Tiller (Gateway Quirk), No Fangs (Blood Kinship Quirk), Lick (Blood Kinship Perk), Meat Eater (Biological Vampirism Perk), Permanent Inscription (Word of Recall Quirk)  Jay - Conditional Recharge

Khayman II - Power Weakness

Kurt Markuson - Painful Healing (Healing [Others] Quirk), The Bigger They Are, The Smarter They Ain't (Sizeshifting [Increase] Quirk)

MysteryCPU - Power Prerequisite, Rigid Code of Ethics

Robert Paul - Empathic Link, Molting, School of Hard Knocks

Powerisall - Sporadic Control (Quirk)

Qurilion - Backlash, Power Addiction


Scott Clay - Concept

Keith Kollee - Character


John Benner - Mitochondrial Activity Level, Power Charge

Josh Benton - Firearms Rules (Appendix 2)

David Okum - Power Charge

 The concepts for many powers, merits, and other tidbits were borrowed from TSR's Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game, Palladium's Heroes Unlimited, White Wolf's new Aberrant game, and some other systems - even TV shows. Obviously, the main framework for the game mechanics is that of the Mastermind system, developed by the White Wolf Game Studio. 'Local' game mechanics and game balance came from my own twisted brain. Net resources and e-mail suggestions were invaluable in the development of this supplement. The Poet would especially like to thank Scott Clay, Keith Kollee (my first playtester!), Shayne Karlash, Robert Paul, Jason Paris, Kimberley MacDonald, Josh Benton, David Okum, Sean Taverner, Khayman II, Kurt Markuson, LtColKrynn, The Saint, Jason McLarty, Shirra Whitefur, John Benner, Derek Burgess, Bradley Dalmer, Thrai, Elizabeth Gil, Darque Phoenyx, David Story, Timothy Himes, Tomas Eriksson, Yannick Renault, Magnus Korberg, Neko Long, Tony Cabral, Martin Davey and Kevin Robertson for their contributions to the WoD: Super effort.

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