Daredevil #1

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From page 1, Bill Everett’s art really wows. Just as Kirby packs every panel with technology, Everett works in grimy little details that make you want to stop and study each drawing. Then in walks Daredevil, his yellow costume a beam of light in the dark. - LCJS


After years of Kirby, Heck, Ayers, and Ditko, Bill Everett's work on Daredevil #1 comes as a startling change of pace, an alien artifact, a comic book from another dimension, like Marvel accidentally published another company's book. But it's good. - JRW


For me, the beating heart of Matt Murdock’s tragic story is the sense of sacrifice he shares with his father. They both feel they owe it to each other to be their best. In the end, that commitment kills Jack, and sets Matt on a dark path. - LCJS


It’s hard to read DD’s origin story without anticipating the weight of later retcon additions. I kept thinking, “Okay, a nun goes between these two panels, and Elektra goes here, and a whole s***load of ninjas goes here...” - LCJS

dd one

I'm really worried that dumb kids exposed themselves to radiation in the 60s to get super powers. In court the parents' lawyers would've used this panel to explain why their kids were rolling around in atomic waste - MB


We hear a lot about how DD uses his enhanced hearing, smell and touch to fight crime, but I don’t know that we’ve ever dug in to how taste could factor in. I’d love to know what a guilty criminal tastes like...maybe time for a Daredevil/Chew crossover? - LCJS


Here's a nice summary of Matt's relationship with his dad. After a sequence like this, you just know something's going to go wrong. - JRW


I love this issue and the art is absolutely fantastic. The one thing I found odd in the issue was that Matt Murdock should've heard the guy threatening his dad in the 2nd panel. But let's focus on how the artwork and coloring here is superb - MB


As a lawyer, I'm pretty certain Matt knows this isn't a valid defense. Otherwise, I'm going to put on a costume, give myself a name, and then go commit crime and use this as my defense. You know his dad is rolling his eyes in the afterlife - MB


"What a pity such a wonderful, handsome man is so handicapped!"

Karen and Jane Foster should start a club. - MB